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5 Questions to Never Ask a Prospect

They say a good lawyer knows the answers to every question before asking it. It's not quite the same with salespeople, but there are certainly some key questions reps should avoid. Read more HERE



Data Is Marketing Gold

Mining customer data has become a must in today’s highly competitive marketing world, but what to mine and how to put it to use are questions that are still being answered, especialy in the B2B world. Gary Brooks of business data provider Cortera offers insights on how B2B sales and marketing professionals can use business behavior data to improve the effectiveness of their efforts, avoid risk and upsell current and prospective customers. Read MORE.


The Trouble With Money - Free Webinar

Did you know that, depending on how it is used, money and other cash-based awards could actually negatively impact your engagement strategies? Tim Houlihan, Vice President of Reward Systems at BI, a performance improvement company, combines scientific studies and examples to show the way that rewards, recognition, program design, and communications should be properly used to stimulate activity and engagement in a Sales & Marketing Managment webinar scheduled for 1 p.m. Eastern on April 10. It's free, and registrants who can't make it will be able to watch the presentation on demand. Find out more HERE.


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Study Finds Text Messaging in Selling Process Can Boost Sales by 328%
This new Leads360 study, Text Messaging for Better Sales Conversion, analyzed the text messaging practices of more than 3.5 million prospect interactions in order to identify the methods and actions that drive best-in-class sales performance. Follow this link to download the complimentary white paper.

Cash and Merchandise Incentives: Where Each Works Best
The cash vs. tangible incentives argument is an old one. This paper suggests that there is room for both, and both can be effective when used in the proper application. Follow this link to download the complimentary white paper.

The Long-term Impact of Non-Cash Rewards
Many people have heard "Cash is King" so often that they believe it’s true in every situation. This paper explores this and other common misconceptions regarding the strength of cash as a motivator. Follow this link to download the complimentary white paper.


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